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On Ringo Lake

On Ringo Lake was Bonnie Hunter's 2017 holiday mystery quilt. I finished the top shortly after the final reveal in January, but only recently got it quilted and bound. The pattern is available here.

I started this quilt with the intention that it would go to a baby girl, though I didn't have a specific baby in mind. I'm of an age that a lot of my friends are having children, so it's always good to have a baby quilt on hand.

My friends Phil and Leesha recently had their first child, but they were expecting a boy. They were certainly surprised to discover their bundle of joy was actually a daughter! And I was glad to have just finished On Ringo Lake the night before she was born. We hurried to get some pictures so I could give them the quilt that weekend.

I had a lot of fun working on this one. Every so often, it's nice to play with little pieces. And some of these were pretty little! The squares in the nine-patches finish at just 1". I was originally thinking I might make everything at half size for this quilt. Thank goodness that unit came out first to convince me not to do it!

I quilted it with Clockworks by Anne Bright. I wanted something with circles to mirror the bubbles in the purple fabric. Clockworks is a fun design with a lot of movement.

For the backing, I used a single piece of fuschia minky. You just can't beat the texture of minky for a baby quilt, and I love the way it shows the quilting.

No quilt is finished until it's been labeled. I kept the label pretty simple on this one. I seem to lose my eloquence when I'm in a hurry, but it has the basics.

I bound the quilt with the same blue fabric that I used on the front. It provides just the right amount of contrast around the edges.

I'm really glad I had this quilt on hand to give them in a hurry. I'm thinking I may have to make a few more baby quilts just so I'm ready for surprises!

What about you? Do you keep quilts ready to give away at a moment's notice? Have they ever come in handy? I'd love to hear your stories! Leave me a comment, and I'll be sure to get back to you.

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Remington's Jelly Roll Race

A good friend of mine recently had his third daughter. I made a quilt for her two older sisters, so of course she needed one, too! You can read all about the first quilt here, and the second quilt here.

This time, I decided to go with a jelly roll race. Jelly roll races are always fun, and they come out just the right size. I was fortunate to have a friend that was willing to trade me a jelly roll in girl colors for one of mine in boy colors. For some reason, it seems like my friends only ever have girls, so my stash of feminine precuts has run dry.

One thing I did differently with this race quilt was to press each seam as I went rather than racing and pressing at the end. I enjoyed it much more this way, and I wouldn't be surprised if I saved myself a little bit of time in the process.

I quilted it with a design called Butterfly Enchantment. I just love how the quilting design softens the lines of the quilt. And every little girl needs some butterflies in her life.

For the backing, I found a minky dot at the local quilt shop. I think I prefer the look of regular minky without the dots, but the color was perfection. I also suspect that Remington will appreciate the extra texture of the dots as she begins to explore the world.

I didn't have enough of any one fabric in my stash that worked well for the binding, so I went scrappy. I hardly ever make scrappy bindings, but I always love them when I do. I attached it to both sides by machine since I don't love hand stitching in minky. The little bit of hand stitching for the long side of the label was plenty!

I'm so glad quilting is a way I can give to the people I love. It's always sweet to know the people I care about are wrapped in a quilt when they are too far away for a hug.

Darlene's Sparkling Cider Quilt

Darlene has been a dear friend of my mother's for years. She even babysat me when I was little! Unfortunately, she was in a bad car accident over a year ago, and is still struggling to recover. When we found out how hard things have been for her, we knew she needed a quilt.

This was the first time Mom and I have worked together to make a quilt, but it won't be the last. It was so much fun! We had a four-day retreat at the local sewing studio (A Stitch off Seventh), and it took just about the whole time to piece both sides.

We wanted a pattern that would be relatively quick so we could finish at the retreat, and that would be forgiving for having blocks made by two different people. We chose to modify Sparkling Cider by All Washed Up Quilts. We only used the blocks with the small stars, and we split the large rectangles lengthwise to give the quilt more movement. Since none of the seams have to match between the blocks, we could easily trim them all to the same size after we finished piecing.

We are both a little bit crazy when it comes to using up our scraps on the back of the quilt. In this case, I think the back took longer than the front! We both made a pile of blocks, then used the design wall to figure out how we were going to make them all fit together. We tend to have pretty different thought processes when solving this kind of problem, but we made it work. We even still liked each other when we were finished!

We decided to try something a little different this time and pieced the label into the back. We made a star and framed it in yellow to set it apart from everything else. We wrote on the label before quilting. It's much easier to write without the squishiness of the batting, and this way we weren't trying to write over the quilting thread.

I'm a big believer in labels, and this was a fun way to do it. I'm thinking I will do more of this on quilts that get pieced backs. If I'm already piecing it, why not? 

For the quilting, I chose Swinging on a Star by Jessica Schick. It's my all time favorite star design. I love its whimsical, playful feel, and the larger scale of the stars was perfect for the big blocks in this quilt. 

I'm happy to say that Darlene was thrilled to receive the quilt. She was deeply moved by the love that she knew went into it. Quilts make the absolute best hugs, especially for the special people in our lives that are far away. Any time she wraps up in it, she will know there are two ladies in Montana thinking of her and cheering her on.

Have you ever collaborated to make a quilt? I would love to hear about it!

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