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Welcome to Snowy Days Quilting!  I'm Bobbi, and I love to quilt.  In this blog, I will track my creative journey, as well as share tips, tricks, tutorials, and recipes that I discover along the way.

Why Snowy Days Quilting?  For one, I'm kind of enamored with snow.  I love everything about it, from watching it fall, to enjoying a delicious batch of snow cream.  Nothing beats seeing the mountains freshly capped with a layer of white.  And I am fascinated by the uniqueness of the individual snowflakes - each one so beautiful, and so different from the thousands of others surrounding it - just like quilters and their wonderful, one-of-a-kind quilts.

Snowy Days Quilting is also fitting since I live in Montana, where we have more days with snow than without.  Summers are short here, so we make the most of them.  Sewing machines sit idle while quilters garden, hike, camp, and fish.  When winter returns, we make up for lost time, sewing like mad while the snow drifts outside.

Whether snow is your thing, or you prefer the heat of summer, I hope you will join me here.  I will start by sharing my previous projects, with a little bit of current happenings mixed in.  While I'm at it, I will work on some recipes and tutorials to share.  When I started quilting, I learned the basics by scouring blogs written by other generous quilters.  Of course, I learned many other things by making mistakes and figuring out how to fix them.  Now that I have some experience, I'm ready to contribute to the community.  It will take some time, but my hope is that Snowy Days Quilting will become a wonderful resource for fellow quilters.

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