Longarm Quilting Service

You have put your heart into your quilt, and now the time has come to have it quilted.  Do you have a specific vision for your quilt?  I'm here to bring that vision to life.  Would you rather take a step back and not worry about the design of the quilting?  I will gladly work my magic.  Whatever your approach, I want to make your dreams come true.

So what does my service include?  First, I will talk with you to understand your desires for your quilt.  We will select a thread and quilting design that will give you the effect you would like to achieve.  You can have as much or as little say in this part of the process as you would like.  Next, I will complete the quilting on my longarm quilting machine.  When the quilting is finished, I will trim the quilt so it is ready for binding.

I am happy to help out with other parts of the process, such as seaming the back or attaching the binding.  See the pricing section for complete details on the additional services I offer.

Quilt Preparation

In order to get the best results from the quilting, it is important to carefully prepare your quilt.  Please make sure that all of the following are true for your quilt.  If you would like help with any of these items, please see the pricing section.

  • All seams in the quilt top and back have been pressed.

  • All threads have been clipped from the quilt top and back.

  • All seams on the outer edge of the quilt have been back tacked or stay stitched to prevent unraveling.

  • Borders lay flat with no ripples or waves. If your border is wavy, you are likely to end up with tucks and pleats in the finished quilt. If you are having trouble getting your borders to lay flat, Kim Norton has some great tips here.

  • The selvedge is removed from all seams. This helps to prevent puckers on the back of your quilt.

  • Long seams across the back of the quilt are sewn with a half inch seam allowance. The larger seam allowance helps the seam to stay flat when the quilt is on the frame.

  • The quilt back has been squared up.

  • The quilt back is at least six inches larger than the quilt top on all four sides.

  • If you are supplying your own batting, it is six inches larger than the quilt top on all four sides.

  • If your quilt top is directional, please put a safety pin in the top left corner.

  • Wait to add any embellishments to your quilt until after it has been quilted.


Whether you prefer to do everything but the quilting yourself, or would like me to help with as much as possible, the choice is up to you.  Payment is due at the time the quilt is completed.  I accept cash and checks.


All over edge to edge quilting: $0.02/square inch (minimum $50)
See this gallery for examples of edge to edge designs that I have quilted.

Rush orders: $0.025/square inch (minimum $75)

Custom quilting: starts at $0.06/square inch (minimum $100)
These blog posts show some of the quilts I have custom quilted.


Solid: $1.50/bobbin

Variegated: $2.75/bobbin


Quilter's Dream Natural Cotton Select Loft 93" wide: $0.27/inch

Quilter's Dream Natural Cotton Deluxe Loft 93" wide: $0.32/inch

Quilter's Dream Natural Cotton Select Loft 122" wide: $0.35/inch

Quilter's Dream Natural Cotton Deluxe Loft 122" wide: $0.40/inch

Other Services

Trim threads: $10

Seam back: $10/seam

Cut selvedge from seams on back: $5

Square up back: $10

Back tack seams on outer edge of quilt or stay stitch around pieced border: $10

Remove wavy borders and reattach to quilt so they lay flat: $40/border

Make binding: $0.10/inch

Attach binding to front of quilt only: $0.10/inch

Attach binding to both sides of quilt by machine: $0.20/inch

Shipping: Costs vary.  All packages are shipped via USPS.

Other: $20/hour