En Provence Mystery: Half Square Triangles

Bonnie was kind and went easy on us with this week's clue. All we had to make were half square triangles, and it was the fewest units in a clue so far. I'm grateful for the easy week since we were quite busy with Christmas.

After I posted last week, I realized that I had accidentally used the wrong fabric for the tri-recs units. Bonnie called for those units to be made with neutrals and dark purple. Unfortunately, I made them with the blue that I'm using in place of her light purple. This week, I re-made the units with the super dark grey that is my version of her dark purple. Once those were done, I was able to make the half square triangles with the same fabric.

I'm starting to really enjoy playing with the units each week. After I fixed the tri-recs units and made the half square triangles, I tried a couple of different layouts with just those pieces.

Today, I pulled out all of the units we've made so far and laid them out together. We still have two colors that we haven't sewed with yet. I'm hopeful that one of those will come out in the next clue. I'm excited to add more color the next time I play with units.

I'm participating in Bonnie's Mystery Monday Link-Up. Check it out if you would like to see some of the other colors people are working with.

Posted on December 26, 2016 and filed under Mystery Quilts.