Home Sweet Home

This precious Home Sweet Home quilt was made by an anonymous client. She had me custom quilt it, so each part of the quilt got its own special treatment.

In the wide house borders, I freehand quilted bushy trees. They evoke the feeling of a tree lined street in a cozy neighborhood. I left the narrow red brick borders blank so my client can embroider "home sweet home" around the quilt.

The houses were a lot of fun to quilt. I matched each house to its own thread color. I used a ruler to keep the lines in the roofs perfectly straight and evenly spaced. After all of the houses were finished, I went back and quilted the skies in grey to give them a cloudy texture.

The real eye-catcher of this quilt is the mariner's compass in the center. My client carefully placed the printed compass in the middle of the quilt, and she requested that I quilt a mariner's compass around it. It was a little bit tricky to figure out how best to fit a mariner's compass into a rectangular space, but it really works. I filled in the background with dense overlapping swirls to make the compass pop.

I don't remember where she said this quilt was going. I can imagine a child spending hours driving matchbox cars along the roads in the center. I'm sure that wherever it ends up, this sweet quilt will be cherished.