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IG Quilt Fest Week 3

Another week of March has come and gone. I'm still doing my best to keep up with the #IGQuiltFest on Instagram, hosted by @amyscreativeside. It's been interesting to come up with so many different kinds of pictures. If you've been thinking about joining in, there's still a few days left.

Day 16: Quilting Book Love
I really enjoy quilting books. There are quite a few I would like to get, but of the ones I have, these are my four favorites:
- Sunday Morning Quilts by Amanda Jean Nyberg and Cheryl Arkison
- Shape by Shape by Angela Walters
- Shape by Shape Collection 2 by Angela Walters
- Quilting Modern by Jacquie Gering and Katie Pedersen

Day 17: Sewing Friends
These are the friends I never would have found if not for quilting. Five of us teamed up to make this quilt as a surprise for Linda (third from the right). I'm grateful for the friendship of each of these ladies. You can read all about the making of this quilt here.

Day 18: Mini Quilt
This quilt is the closest I've made to a mini. It's still waiting for binding, but I'm thrilled with it so far. The free pattern is Star Struck by Bonnie Hunter. I shrunk the pieces and laid them out in a rainbow to make a 30" square wall hanging. I quilted each star in a different color thread.

Day 19: Thread Bliss
My favorite quilting thread is King Tut by Superior Threads. I enjoy the extra interest that variegated thread adds to all over designs. My dad made this wheeling cart for me, and the top drawer is full of King Tut.

Day 20: Quilts in the Wild
I love taking pictures of my quilts in the wild. I'm generally several quilts behind on sharing any finishes because I like to wait until I can get those outdoor shots.
This quilt was small enough to stuff in my backpack during a hike. Whenever we found a good spot to take some pictures, we would take a break and pull out the quilt. That was fun because I was able to get some pretty unique shots.
The quilt pattern is the 3 Dudes Quilt. I watched the tutorial by Missouri Star Quilt Company, then modified the blocks to use five strips instead of four. Click here for more information and pictures of this quilt.

Day 21: Quilting Up Close
Here is a close-up view of my Monster quilt. I improvisationally pieced it to use up the ends of some strip sets. All of the quilting was done freehand with my longarm.

Day 22: Special Finish
My parents retired and moved to Montana in 2015, so the Christmas of 2014 was their last one in the house where I grew up. My sister and I both brought our husbands back to Michigan and we all got to be together for that last Christmas. I decided it would make it extra special if I surprised everyone with quilts. It was a challenge to get them all done, but so worth it. The memories surrounding this house and this Christmas makes it my most special finish.

Day 23: Stash
This is the majority of my stash. I love batiks, so that's all that's here. Anything between 1/4 yard and a yard gets folded to the same size and filed in the boxes. Anything bigger is wrapped around comic book boards and stored on a shelf. I love that I can see everything, so it's easy to pick out what I need.

Kyle's Brookie

The ever talented Tese Shekitka made this wall hanging for her brother-in-law, Kyle. It features a lifelike brook trout and embroidered fishing flies.

Tese has made several of these quilts in the past, and each one is a little better than the last. Though, this one is so gorgeous, I'm not sure how she could improve it any more! One thing she did differently this time was to put a layer batting behind the fish to give it a bit more pop. Combined with the double layer of batting in the rest of the quilt, it provides a nice roundness to make the trout look realistic.

I enjoyed collaborating on this quilt with Tese. We worked together to decide what kind of quilting would best suit each space. Firstly, I stitched in the ditch around the trout to provide greater definition between the fish and the water. The water itself is quilted with a horizontal stipple that adds a suitable rippling movement. Next, I filled the spacer blocks with loosely packed pebbles of varying shapes and sizes to mimic a riverbed. Finally, the diamonds in the sashing are intended to give the geometric feel of a woven fish basket.

Upon examination of the borders, you can see the amount detail that goes into the three-dimensional embroidered flies. Tese has spent a lot of time figuring out how to get these to come out just right. Here we have a Royal Wulff on the left, and a Woolly Bugger on the right.

I quilted the inner border with a gentle S-curve to feel like a flowing watery fern. The spacer blocks are full of bubbles, and the outer border contains a second geometric design to balance the diamonds in the sashing.

This wall hanging was truly a blast to quilt. I always enjoy working with Tese on her projects. I'm happy to say that she loves it, and I'm sure her brother-in-law will, too.