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New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop

Welcome to Snowy Days Quilting! I am so excited to be participating in week one of the New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop. My name is Bobbi Bridgeman, and I have been quilting for about five years. I started blogging here two years ago when I decided to make a business longarm quilting.

Why Snowy Days Quilting?  For one, I'm kind of enamored with snow.  I love everything about it, from sitting by the fire with a book while it falls, to cruising through the forest on cross country skis.  Nothing beats seeing the mountains freshly capped with a layer of white.  And I am fascinated by the uniqueness of the individual snowflakes - each one so beautiful, and so different from the thousands of others surrounding it - just like quilters and their wonderful, one-of-a-kind quilts.

Snowy Days Quilting is also fitting since I live in Montana, where we have more days with snow than without.  Summers are short here, so we make the most of them.  Sewing machines sit idle while quilters garden, hike, camp, and fish.  When winter returns, we make up for lost time, sewing like mad while the snow drifts outside.

I have wanted to quilt ever since I was a little girl. Once I finally tried my hand at it, I quickly fell in love. Now I just can't get enough! I would like to share a bit of my journey with you by showing my favorite quilts from each of the last few years.

One of my earlier quilts that is still one of my favorites is Diamond Sky. I designed it myself and gave it to my sister for Christmas of 2014. I love the bold colors and off-center design. One of my goals for this year is to write a pattern for this quilt.

My 2015 favorite is my Gemstones baby quilt. I designed this for a wonderful lady who has been my friend since we were 13 years old. I had a lot of fun with this one because her favorite colors are also my favorite colors. I still haven't gotten to meet her baby girl, but it makes me happy to know she is wrapped in the love of a quilt.

This next quilt was a little out of the box for me. I love modern quilts, but I don't often find myself making anything quite as modern as this. It was a uniquely challenging experience, and I love the result. I had some scraps that I pieced improvisationally, then I figured out how to put the blocks together. The final design is completely worth the number of Y-seams I had to sew to pull it off. I finished this one last summer.

Quilting Tip

My favorite tip for quilting is to spin your seams. I personally spin my seams whenever possible. It allows pieces and blocks to nest nicely together, and it keeps the top flat.

Here is an example of one of my current projects. Where the hourglasses meet, 8 different fabrics come to a point. Since I spun the seams, there isn't any bulk at those points. They won't cause me any trouble when I quilt them, and the finished piece will lay nice and flat.

What is your favorite quilting tip? I always love to learn new things.

The Blog Hop

This wouldn't be a blog hop without other blogs to visit. My hive for the hop is Blooming Quilters. I encourage you to check out the other ladies in my hive that are posting today:

Of course, we can't forget our fearless hive leader, Yvonne of Quilting Jetgirl. You'll want to check out her post to see all of the great giveaways going on this week.

I hope you enjoyed this brief tour of my quilting. I have lots more planned for this week. I will be taking a look at some quilts that I enjoyed custom quilting, edge to edge designs that I love, a recent finish, and one of my favorite easy slow cooker recipes. I would be thrilled if you stuck around for the fun.

Did you share your favorite quilting tip in the comments? I would love to hear what it is! If you leave your email address when you comment, I will be sure to send you a note to thank you personally.

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IG Quilt Fest Week 2

The quilt festival on Instagram continues. I had such a positive response last week that I thought I would share this week's pictures, as well. I got a little bit behind, but I'm all caught up with the photo prompts now.

Day 8: Stacks
My stacks are pieces for the next quilt on my list. I'm making a scrappy version of Elizabeth Hartman's Roller Rink quilt from her book Modern Patchwork. As soon as I finish Talkin' Turkey, this quilt will be my primary project. I started it at retreat in October, and I'm getting excited to pull it back out.

Day 9: Finally Finished
I started Easy Street as a mystery with Bonnie Hunter in 2012. It then languished in the closet until the end of 2015 when I pulled it out to finish. Once I had the top together, I decided I needed to use up the scraps in my craziest back to date. That back felt like it would never get done, but I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. It feels so good to have this quilt finished and to be able to sleep under it every night. You can see the front of this quilt here.

Day 10: Solid Love
My favorite thing about solids is the way they show off the quilting. Here are four quilts with solid fabrics on the backs. I quilted the top two with edge to edge designs, and I custom quilted the bottom two. Click the links below to see the fronts of the quilts.
Top Left - Sharon Stoneberger's Roller Rink
Bottom Left - an anonymous client's Crazy Daisy
Bottom Right - L. Carter's Christmas Trees
Top Right - my En Provence

Day 11: Favorite Color
I love cool colors. My favorite is purple, followed closely by blue then green. My mom made this wonderful quilt for me in all three of my favorite colors. I often wrap it around my legs while working at the computer.

Day 12: Pressing Matters
My Rowenta has certainly seen better days. Interestingly, I've had the bottom taped on for a year and a half now, and it's still going strong. I have no plans to replace it anytime soon.
I also keep a sad iron in my studio. It's wonderful for making my seams really crisp and flat. I press with the regular iron first, then I let the sad iron rest on the seam while I press the next piece. It's amazing how much of a difference it makes.

Day 13: Best Tip Ever
I keep my old needle cases to store used quilting needles. Whenever I replace my needle, the used needle goes in the case labeled "old". When it's full, I toss it in the trash and pull out a sharpie to write "old" on my newly emptied needle case, and the cycle continues. I find this quicker and easier than working with a separate sharps container.

Day 14: Recently Finished
Instead of a quilt, I thought I would share my new ironing board topper. I have been planning to make a big ironing board for a long time, and I am beyond thrilled that it's finally done. It holds so many pieces! After making do with the few flat spaces in an old warped board, this giant board feels like heaven. Many thanks go to my dad for helping me build it.

Day 15: Quilts and People
Speaking of my dad, here he is! Last Tuesday, my parents and I went on a photo shoot. Dad and I held the quilts, and Mom took the pictures. It was a fun day.

If you enjoyed this post, you may want to check out the #IGQuiltFest on Instagram. It's being hosted by @amyscreativeside. She posts a new photo prompt each day, and quilters around the world contribute their pictures. You can also follow me @snowydaysquilting.