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Crazy Daisy

This quilt was made by a client that prefers to remain anonymous. She was inspired by Missouri Star Quilt Company's Wallflower Quilt tutorial. I love that she went off-pattern to add the centers, stems, and leaves to the flowers.

She named the quilt Crazy Daisy because one flower isn't quite like the others. It's falling through the quilt and its petals are all mixed up! I love the creative flourish.

The other unique detail on this quilt is the small yellow flange between the quilt center and border. It adds just a little peek of interest and ties the centers of the flowers into the entire quilt. Since this was custom quilted, there was no concern about quilting over the flange.

My favorite thing about custom quilting is when the quilting pops on the back. I almost always choose a solid backing fabric when custom quilting my own quilts. This quilt has a subtle dot pattern on the back, and it really allows the quilting to shine.

This quilt was a ton of fun to work on. I'm glad that I get to mix up my days with both custom quilting and edge-to-edge designs. I love seeing each quilt come to life for my customers.

Posted on December 2, 2016 and filed under Longarm Quilting.