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Last Friday, I shared one of the most special quilts I've ever made. Now I'm sharing the bonus quilt. Here's a look at the two of them side by side.

The original quilt was made with stitch and flip squares. By sewing an extra line at each corner, I ended up with a whole pile of bonus units that I used to make a second quilt. I just love the interesting movement that's created by the split pinwheels. It reminds me of a kaleidoscope.

serendipity quilt

There's something really special about getting two quilts in one. It almost feels as though Joy and I each have the same quilt, and any time I use mine, there's a part of her here with me. And even though she's 1500 miles away, she can wrap up in a hug from me anytime with her quilt.

I named the quilt Serendipitous since it came from Missouri Star's Serendipity pattern. The name fits, because the start of our friendship was certainly serendipitous. I used the same binding fabric as Joy's quilt, which just completes the feeling that they're two peas in a pod. Kind of like us.

I used all of the scraps to piece the back of my quilt. Along the bottom are the three blocks that were leftover from Joy's quilt. I think this is my favorite pieced back that I've made so far. I really like the string piecing in a controlled colorway. It gives me ideas for making a whole quilt top that way.

One of the things I love most about quilting is how it brings us all a little closer together. There's just nothing better than sharing a quilt between friends.

I really like that this pattern let me make two different quilts at the same time. Have you ever made a quilt like that? I would love to hear your ideas for more 2-for-1 quilts.

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Today's quilt is really special because I made it for one of my very dearest friends. I met Joy in college, and she is one of the kindest, most genuine, and most loyal people I know. My life is so much richer for having her in it.

All of the fabrics were chosen with Joy in mind. I actually got the backing fabric within months of starting to quilt, because I knew the sheet music and ballet slippers were perfect for her. After I had several quilts under my belt, I was ready to start planning. I asked Joy for her favorite color combination, and she said blue, purple, yellow, and grey. They aren't colors I had previously considered together, but I just love the result.

I started the quilt at my guild retreat a couple of years ago. Every year, several of us start the same pattern at retreat, each with our own fabrics. It was my turn to choose, so I went with this quilt - Serendipity by Missiouri Star Quilt Company.

I chose this pattern because shooting stars have always been special for Joy. Anytime she's out at night, she searches the sky. At first glance, it's a beautiful night sky, but when she looks closely, she often sees a shooting star. The same is true of this quilt - at first glance, it's a pretty lattice, but when you look closer, you notice the stars at each of the intersections.

It so happens that I finished this quite some time ago and never wrote the blog post. It's amazing how time flies! The label says it was finished in September 2016, though I could have sworn it wasn't nearly so long ago as that. Where do the years go?

quilt label

Few things in life are as special as giving a quilt to someone you love. Especially when they like it! I have it on good authority that Joy sleeps with her quilt every night. I wish I could have gone to Texas to give it to her in person, but at least I know she can always wrap up in a hug from me when she needs it.

One of the best parts about this quilt is that the construction method yielded enough bonus units for a second quilt. I kept the bonus quilt, and it makes me happy every time I use it to know that it's the sister of the quilt I made for Joy. You can read all about the second quilt here.

Have you ever made an extra special quilt for an extra special person? I'd love to hear about it!

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350 Blocks Project: August and September

Summer was packed this year. I was much busier than normal, so quilting took a bit of a backseat. I visited family in Colorado, went to a wedding in California, took classes with Bonnie Hunter, enjoyed a quilt retreat, and just wrapped up an amazing week with my sister here in Montana.

Thanks to the retreat and a deadline, I was still able to knock out quite a few blocks. First, I completed 90 blocks for this quilt top.  It's the bonus project for the top that I finished in June. I already had all of the units made at that point. I sewed them into pairs in July, then finished the blocks and top in August.

Rather than stashing the strings that were left from cutting for these quilts, I decided to use them right away. I made 18 of these string blocks for the back of the bonus quilt.  String piecing is a great project for retreats. The lack of concentration required allows for more visiting with friends, and the space there is better than what I have at home.

The last thing I did in August was make these two blocks for the back of the quilt. The blue/purple fabric will surround them, so it will look like the grey rectangles are floating on the background.

In September, I put together this wall hanging for a local quilt show. The show will include a display of a variety of ways to quilt the same top. All of the local longarm quilters were invited to make this project in these colors, then to quilt it as we saw fit. I'm counting this as 6 blocks.

All told, that's 110 blocks in August and 6 blocks in September. That more than doubles my total for the year! I'm up to 220 blocks now.  That still leaves me 40 blocks behind, but October should be a good month. I have two retreats and a commission quilt to help me along.

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