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Finished: Fall Table Runner

After piecing four baby quilts in quick succession, I was ready to work on a small project that would be a fast finish.  Combine that with the facts that my husband loves fall decorations, and that I just happened to have a charm pack of fall fabric in my stash, and you have the perfect recipe for a table runner.

Quick and easy was the name of the game.  I cut each charm square in half, and I sewed the rectangles together end-to-end.  Every other row has a 2.5 inch square at each end to offset the rectangles.  The fabric is Rustling Leaves by Cheryl Haynes for Benartex.

For the quilting, I used Maple Dance by Karen Thompson.  I knew I wanted maple leaves, but it took me a while to find the perfect design.  I'm glad I stuck with it.  I couldn't be happier with how the quilting came out.

I had three pieces left over from the top, so I sewed them together and cut along the diagonal for my label.  I've done a lot of triangle labels before, but in the past, I've always started with a square.  I like the little-bit-wonky look that I got by starting with a rectangle this time.

I mentioned at the beginning that my husband is a fan of fall decorations.  Given that, I really wanted to finish this in time for him to enjoy it for a while before the Christmas decorations come out.  He was absolutely thrilled when he came home from work and saw it on the table.  Nothing in the world beats that smile.

Posted on November 20, 2015 and filed under Finished Projects.