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Romance Table Runner

I have a finish! I’m really excited to share this with you. I finished the top and quilting ages ago, but only recently found the time to put on the binding.

I made this runner from a charm pack of Tonga Romance. I cut each of the squares diagonally into quarters, and randomly sewed them into quarter square triangles. I kept the pieces by my machine and sewed it as a leader-ender project. I love how leaders and enders make it feel like you’re getting a free quilt without taking any extra time for sewing.

I quilted it with a variegated blue and brown thread. It’s one of my favorites. I’ve used it quilting for customers, but this was the first time it went well on one of my own projects.

The solid backing fabric really shows the quilting. The design is Feather Plumes.

tonga romance scrappy table runner

Now the runner is gracing my table. And my husband even mostly likes it! That’s a big win in my house since our tastes in fabrics and colors are nearly opposite.

Random quarter square triangles is one of my favorite scrappy patterns, and it’s a go-to when I make a runner. What’s your favorite design for a table runner?

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350 Blocks Project: Starting a New Year

Shelly is kindly hosting the 350 blocks project again this year. The goal is to make 350 quilt blocks in 2017. It's a lot of fun to join in and keep track of the things I make. If you are interested, the 350 Blocks button below will take you to the project page.

Since I never did my final report for last year, I'll start with that. After being behind all year, I actually managed to exceed 350 blocks!

I was secretly working all year on a Christmas quilt to surprise my husband. I'm thrilled to say that I pulled it off! He had no idea what I had been up to, and he hadn't even seen any of the fabrics. I made 50 blocks for this quilt. 42 of them are on the front, and I used the rest on the back.

Since I had some fabric left over, I also made 30 four-patches to play with the extra blocks on the quilt back. I love the simplicity and symmetry of this one.

I'm also a fan of leaders and enders. I made this table runner entirely with the leader/ender method. If you haven't heard of it, check out Bonnie Hunter's post here. There are 40 hourglass blocks in this table runner.

All together, that gives me 120 blocks that have yet to be counted. And my grand total for 2016 is... 386 blocks! I really wasn't sure that I was going to make it to 350 last year. I'm excited that I exceeded the goal.

Now that it's February, it's already time for me to start counting this year's blocks. Fortunately, I'm doing well so far. January saw me putting together all of my units for Bonnie Hunter's En Provence mystery. I made my quilt smaller and I tweaked the layout, so my blocks don't match up with hers.

I made 9 main blocks:

A total of 12 sashing blocks in 4 styles:

4 cornerstone blocks:

And 12 edge blocks to finish the design around the outside of the quilt. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of those, but I do have a picture of the whole quilt! It's currently quilted and waiting for binding.

As you may know, I'm a big fan of using up my scraps on the back of the quilt. This time, I have 6 more blocks hiding out on the back.

That gives me 43 blocks in January. It feels good to be starting out the year ahead of the curve! Hopefully I can stay on track this month.

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Finished: Fall Table Runner

After piecing four baby quilts in quick succession, I was ready to work on a small project that would be a fast finish.  Combine that with the facts that my husband loves fall decorations, and that I just happened to have a charm pack of fall fabric in my stash, and you have the perfect recipe for a table runner.

Quick and easy was the name of the game.  I cut each charm square in half, and I sewed the rectangles together end-to-end.  Every other row has a 2.5 inch square at each end to offset the rectangles.  The fabric is Rustling Leaves by Cheryl Haynes for Benartex.

For the quilting, I used Maple Dance by Karen Thompson.  I knew I wanted maple leaves, but it took me a while to find the perfect design.  I'm glad I stuck with it.  I couldn't be happier with how the quilting came out.

I had three pieces left over from the top, so I sewed them together and cut along the diagonal for my label.  I've done a lot of triangle labels before, but in the past, I've always started with a square.  I like the little-bit-wonky look that I got by starting with a rectangle this time.

I mentioned at the beginning that my husband is a fan of fall decorations.  Given that, I really wanted to finish this in time for him to enjoy it for a while before the Christmas decorations come out.  He was absolutely thrilled when he came home from work and saw it on the table.  Nothing in the world beats that smile.

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