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Jungle Shadows

I'm excited to share a finish with you today! I designed this quilt for my husband and gave it to him for Christmas. It was a fantastic surprise!

When I saw the Parrot line of batiks by Hoffman, I knew they needed to be a quilt for Ben someday. His favorite color is green, and there is such a nice variety in this line. It also includes some blues and browns that add depth to the finished quilt.

I bought the fabric long before I had a plan of what I wanted to do with it. I was actually working on a completely different quilt design when I came up with this block. I decided it would be perfect for Ben's quilt.

I finally started cutting in February of 2016. Whenever I could get away from the house for a quilt retreat or a sew day with friends, this was my project. I would spend most of the time working on this, and then pull out something else for the last hour or two. When I got home, I would show Ben the progress on the decoy project. He was never the least bit suspicious that I hadn't gotten more done.

Once the top was finished, I needed to work on the back. I wanted to piece the back, so it took a fair amount of time. I was able to complete it at my quilt guild's retreat in October.

This is my favorite back that I have made. I really like that it forms its own design. I'm realizing now that this back could be a quilt pattern on its own, especially if I used more modern fabrics.

The biggest challenge in making this quilt was quilting and binding it without getting caught by my husband. My quilting machine is in the living room, so I had to make sure I quilted it on a day I was certain he wouldn't come home and catch me. Binding was also a challenge because I had to do that at home in order to be done in time for Christmas.

The quilting design I chose was Modern Curves 2 by Anita Shakelford. Ben sees most of the quilts that I quilt for my customers, and this is one of the only quilting designs he has commented about liking. A month or two after that comment, I asked him if he had a favorite design that I had quilted, and he said this one. I knew it would look good on the quilt, so that decided it.

I am a big believer that no quilt is finished until it is labeled. The label on this quilt says:

Jungle Shadows
Made with love for my wonderful husband, Ben Bridgeman.
Designed, pieced, and quilted by Bobbi Bridgeman.
Merry Christmas, my love.
Galatin Gateway,

I'm really proud of myself for keeping this a secret and surprising Ben with it. He never saw so much as a scrap of fabric from this quilt before I gave it to him. I'm not sure if he was more impressed with the quilt, or that I had managed to be so sneaky!  He completely loves it, and he sleeps with it most nights.

Have you ever made a surprise quilt? I would love to hear about it! I truly appreciate all of your comments. If you leave your email address when you comment, I will be sure to thank you personally.

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350 Blocks Project: Starting a New Year

Shelly is kindly hosting the 350 blocks project again this year. The goal is to make 350 quilt blocks in 2017. It's a lot of fun to join in and keep track of the things I make. If you are interested, the 350 Blocks button below will take you to the project page.

Since I never did my final report for last year, I'll start with that. After being behind all year, I actually managed to exceed 350 blocks!

I was secretly working all year on a Christmas quilt to surprise my husband. I'm thrilled to say that I pulled it off! He had no idea what I had been up to, and he hadn't even seen any of the fabrics. I made 50 blocks for this quilt. 42 of them are on the front, and I used the rest on the back.

Since I had some fabric left over, I also made 30 four-patches to play with the extra blocks on the quilt back. I love the simplicity and symmetry of this one.

I'm also a fan of leaders and enders. I made this table runner entirely with the leader/ender method. If you haven't heard of it, check out Bonnie Hunter's post here. There are 40 hourglass blocks in this table runner.

All together, that gives me 120 blocks that have yet to be counted. And my grand total for 2016 is... 386 blocks! I really wasn't sure that I was going to make it to 350 last year. I'm excited that I exceeded the goal.

Now that it's February, it's already time for me to start counting this year's blocks. Fortunately, I'm doing well so far. January saw me putting together all of my units for Bonnie Hunter's En Provence mystery. I made my quilt smaller and I tweaked the layout, so my blocks don't match up with hers.

I made 9 main blocks:

A total of 12 sashing blocks in 4 styles:

4 cornerstone blocks:

And 12 edge blocks to finish the design around the outside of the quilt. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of those, but I do have a picture of the whole quilt! It's currently quilted and waiting for binding.

As you may know, I'm a big fan of using up my scraps on the back of the quilt. This time, I have 6 more blocks hiding out on the back.

That gives me 43 blocks in January. It feels good to be starting out the year ahead of the curve! Hopefully I can stay on track this month.

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