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Remington's Jelly Roll Race

A good friend of mine recently had his third daughter. I made a quilt for her two older sisters, so of course she needed one, too! You can read all about the first quilt here, and the second quilt here.

This time, I decided to go with a jelly roll race. Jelly roll races are always fun, and they come out just the right size. I was fortunate to have a friend that was willing to trade me a jelly roll in girl colors for one of mine in boy colors. For some reason, it seems like my friends only ever have girls, so my stash of feminine precuts has run dry.

One thing I did differently with this race quilt was to press each seam as I went rather than racing and pressing at the end. I enjoyed it much more this way, and I wouldn't be surprised if I saved myself a little bit of time in the process.

I quilted it with a design called Butterfly Enchantment. I just love how the quilting design softens the lines of the quilt. And every little girl needs some butterflies in her life.

For the backing, I found a minky dot at the local quilt shop. I think I prefer the look of regular minky without the dots, but the color was perfection. I also suspect that Remington will appreciate the extra texture of the dots as she begins to explore the world.

I didn't have enough of any one fabric in my stash that worked well for the binding, so I went scrappy. I hardly ever make scrappy bindings, but I always love them when I do. I attached it to both sides by machine since I don't love hand stitching in minky. The little bit of hand stitching for the long side of the label was plenty!

I'm so glad quilting is a way I can give to the people I love. It's always sweet to know the people I care about are wrapped in a quilt when they are too far away for a hug.

Custom Quilting Favorites

Today I would like to share some of my favorite projects that I have had the pleasure to custom quilt. One of the best parts of quilting for customers is the wide variety of tops I get to work on. I'm always amazed by the creativity of quilters.

My most recent favorite is this brookie wall hanging by Tese Shekitka. She made it for her cousin and allowed me the pleasure of custom quilting it. Each element of the quilting is intended to relate to fishing. I blogged about it here if you are interested in the details.

Another relatively recent project is this Star Struck quilt made by myself. Since it's a wall hanging, I used a double batting and quilted it to death. The density of the quilting makes this much too stiff for a cuddle quilt, but it's going to look lovely on the wall. I used three different designs in the bright stars, and each one was quilted in its own color thread.

For the back, I chose a solid grey that would really allow the quilting to shine. I love that each thread color pops against the grey.

One of the first quilts that I custom quilted for a customer was this Christmas trees quilt by L. Carter. I chose five different designs for the trees and scattered them throughout the quilt. To this day, this is one of the quilts I have had the most fun quilting.

I love it when people choose solid fabrics for the backs of quilts that are custom quilted. The quilting detail shows up so well on the solid fabric. It's like two quilts in one!

Another of my early favorites is this doggie baby quilt made by Linda Arness. She designed it herself, and I just love what she came up with.

If you look closely, you can see that I quilted puppies in the four outside blocks. You can also see some close-ups in the this blog post.

Linda also made this friendship quilt. Her friends snuck the fabric out of her stash and surprised her with the blocks. Linda added the maker's name to each block, then she designed this top to showcase them. I'm amazed at how balanced she was able to keep the design when no one knew what the other people were making.

The most unique request I have ever received was to quilt a mariner's compass in the center of this Home Sweet Home quilt. It took me a bit to figure out how to approach it, but it turned out wonderfully. The anonymous customer that made this quilt was thrilled.

I'll end with another of my own quilts. This is one of my favorite quilts that I have made. Since the piecing is improvisational, I wanted to keep the quilting free form, as well. The straight lines are really straight-ish because I quilted them without the aid of a ruler. The freehand quilting suits the organic feel of this quilt.

Do you have a favorite custom quilted project? I would love to hear about it! If you leave your email with your comment, I will be sure to respond to you personally.

Fastest Finish Ever

When the IG Quilt Fest prompted us to share a fast finish, I was reminded of a quilt I made before I started Snowy Days Quilting. A coworker was expecting a baby, and I had decided that I wanted to make her a baby quilt. I found out that she was expecting a girl exactly one week before the shower. 

Due to the time crunch on this quilt, I wasn't able to do my usual outdoor photo shoot. In fact, I had about 10 minutes to snap some quick pictures before I ran to work on the day of the baby shower. While the pictures are somewhat lacking, I hope you will agree that the quilt is still worth sharing.

All of the decisions on this quilt were made in the interest of time. I picked up two batik charm packs and turned them into a 39" square disappearing nine patch quilt. I really liked the combination of pinks and browns in the charm pack. It's a color combination I may have to play with again someday.

This was before I had my longarm, so I free motion quilted it on my trusty domestic sewing machine. I went with an all over meaner in a variegated pink thread. I rarely do a meander, but it was a good choice when I was in such a hurry!

It was already getting late on the night before the baby shower, so I knew I needed to do the binding by machine. I had never tried that before, and I thought a decorative stitch would add some interest while masking any newbie mistakes I made. I still really like the idea, but I found that my machine doesn't like to feed well for decorative stitches when there is the extra bulk of the binding on one side. Fortunately, this stitch was simple enough that I was able to make it work.

Once the binding was sewn, all that was left was the label. I wrote a brief message, stitched the long edge down by hand, and the quilt was finished! If I remember right, I finished sometime after 1:30 am on the day of the shower. I caught a few winks, then took the best pictures I could in the early morning light before work. I could hardly believe that I had managed to make a complete quilt in just a week.

I was relieved when the mother was thrilled. I hadn't known it, but she was a quilter, too! She appreciated the effort that goes into even a simple quilt like this, and she loved the decorative stitch on the binding.

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