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En Provence Mystery: More Tri-Recs Units

This week's clue for the En Provence mystery wast to make more tri-recs units, this time with neutrals and dark purples. With my color scheme, that means grey for neutral and blue for dark purple. I worked on the clue off and on between chores and laundry on Friday. Ruth was my cheerleader the whole time.

The sewing went much faster this week than when we did the clue a couple weeks ago. Practice makes quicker! Apart from the dog ears, I only had to trim a tiny sliver off some of the blocks. I'm pleased with how well they came out.

Once I finished the clue, I played around with several different ways to arrange the units we've made so far. I liked this the best.

I'm grateful to Bonnie Hunter for hosting this mystery free of charge every year. I've really been enjoying the process. I also appreciate her weekly link-ups so we can all see each other's progress on the quilt.  Check out this week's link-up here.

En Provence Mystery: Four-Patches

Bonnie Hunter's annual mystery is well under way.  On Friday morning, she announced clue three: four-patches! In her quilt, they are light and dark purples. I went with blue and very dark grey for mine.

I played around with different ways to make them, and I decided I'm happiest sewing them one square at a time. Strip piecing is marginally faster, but I enjoy the process more when I do it this way. I also find that everything comes out just a little bit more accurately when I'm working with individual pieces.

Once I finished the clue, I was ready to experiment with layouts. I pulled out last week's tri-recs units and played with different ways of arranging them with the four-patches.  I really like how the golden yellow stands out against the darker fabrics.

I am joining Bonnie's Mystery Monday Link-Up. Head on over to her blog to see what other people have been making.

Posted on December 12, 2016 and filed under Mystery Quilts.