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IG Quilt Fest Week 4

IG Quilt Fest has come to an end. I think this last week may have been my favorite. It allowed me to take a look at quite a few different quilts. I really appreciate Amy Ellis taking the time to host this online event.

Day 24: Labels
I am a big believer in labeling my quilts. It adds a personal touch and ensures the history won't be forgotten. I write my labels by hand and sew them in with the binding. I almost always make some extra binding so I can use it to frame the label.

Day 25: Unfinished Quilt
I started this when I had only been quilting for a couple of months. Debbie Jeske of A Quilter's Table organized a swap of Polaroid quilt blocks. It looked like a ton of fun, so I joined in. I loved sewing the blocks, but it was a bit overwhelming when I received all of my swap blocks in the mail. There was so much trimming to do, and I didn't have a clear vision of what I wanted to do with them. So, they went in a box and have lived there ever since. Pulling them out for this picture reminded me how cute they are, bu I'm still not sure what I want to do with them. Perhaps if I start trimming them, the inspiration will come.

Day 26: Favorite Finish
I have to admit, my favorite finish changes pretty often. At the moment, I'm torn between two quilts. This is the first one. I designed this quilt and made it to surprise my husband. I spent all of last year working on it in little bits of time when I was sure I wouldn't get caught. I pulled it off, and I presented it to him for Christmas. He had no idea I had been working on it and was amazed that I could be so sneaky.

This is the second quilt vying for the coveted status of favorite finish. I've been planning this quilt for years. I made it for my dear friend Joy and just gave it to her last week. This quilt is special because I was able to include so many personal details in it. I only wish I could have given it to her in person.
The pattern for this quilt is Serendipity by Missouri Star Quilt Company. You can find it as a video tutorial, a single printed pattern, and in both the digital and print versions of BLOCK Magazine Volume 1, Issue 5.

Day 27: Inspiration
I am inspired by seeing all of the beautiful things other quilters create. I love that we live in a time when it is so easy to share our work. This Modern Chevron Baby Quilt was made by Kirsty of Bonjour Quilts. I first saw it several years ago, and it has been floating around in the back of my mind every since. Kirsty kindly gave me permission to share it for my inspiration post. If you are also inspired and would like to make this quilt, check out her tutorial.

Day 28: Bindings
I enjoy the quiet process of hand binding. It's so peaceful. I take tiny stitches, so it takes me quite a while to make it all the way around a quilt. I can always count on Ruth to keep me company and take some naps while I stitch away.

Day 29: Fun with Fabric
One of the ways I have the most fun with fabric is making pieced backs. I enjoy coming up with creative ways to use up the scraps.

Day 30: Must Make
Sometimes you get an idea in your head that you know is a little bit crazy, but it just won't leave. This is one of those times. I was playing in EQ7 and came up with this design. It will be king sized, and all of the pieces will finish at 1" wide. I've been collecting fabric for over a year now, and I'm nearly ready to start. Wish me luck!

Day 31: Work in Progress
I started this Talkin' Turkey quilt in a workshop with Bonnie Hunter last July. It's been a slow process because there are so many pieces! I finally got the top put together a couple weekends ago, and I started quilting it last Friday. The quilting design is Winds of Change by Sarah Ann Myers. The pattern for Talkin' Turkey can be found in Bonnie Hunter's book String Fling.

En Provence Mystery: More Tri-Recs Units

This week's clue for the En Provence mystery wast to make more tri-recs units, this time with neutrals and dark purples. With my color scheme, that means grey for neutral and blue for dark purple. I worked on the clue off and on between chores and laundry on Friday. Ruth was my cheerleader the whole time.

The sewing went much faster this week than when we did the clue a couple weeks ago. Practice makes quicker! Apart from the dog ears, I only had to trim a tiny sliver off some of the blocks. I'm pleased with how well they came out.

Once I finished the clue, I played around with several different ways to arrange the units we've made so far. I liked this the best.

I'm grateful to Bonnie Hunter for hosting this mystery free of charge every year. I've really been enjoying the process. I also appreciate her weekly link-ups so we can all see each other's progress on the quilt.  Check out this week's link-up here.

Sister Quilts

My sister and I are two lucky ladies. We were raised by wonderful parents that have been together for 42 years and are still going strong. The icing on an already fabulous cake is that our mom started quilting a little over a year ago, and she just made each of us a quilt!

Needless to say, we are both thrilled. Mom originally planned on giving them to us together, but decided she couldn't wait. That meant that I got mine a couple of weeks before Autumn came out to visit and I had to keep it a secret. She gave it to me right before dinner, and I spent the rest of the night wrapped up in it.

When Autumn came out for her birthday, she found her quilt on the guest bed at our parents' house. That night, she took a very happy picture of herself lying on the quilt. The only surviving copy of that picture is tiny, so she gamely agreed to recreate it yesterday. If you know my sister, you're not at all surprised that she tossed in a fish face to make me smile.

I had the privilege of quilting Autumn's quilt. I quilted it in June and she didn't get it until September. It's a good thing I'm good at keeping secrets! The quilting design is Harvest Winds by Patricia Ritter.

The quilt mom gave me was quilted by Linda James. Linda is a friend of ours from guild that does beautiful work. She quilted it with Snow Crystals by Anne Bright. Since I didn't quilt this one, I was completely surprised when I received it.

Since we received them, our quilts have been well-loved by both ourselves and our furry friends.  Nothing makes Ruth happier than a brand new quilt to pass out on. She's convinced that the newest quilt is the best quilt.

Autumn's puppy, Sherlock, has also spent his fair share of time snuggled on her quilt, mostly when she's underneath it. I haven't gotten to meet him yet, but the pictures seem to indicate that he loves to cuddle.

We really are lucky ladies to have such a wonderful mom. Not only did she love us enough to put up with the toddler and teenage years, but now that we're adults, she made us quilts! These are gifts we will treasure forever.