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Sister Quilts

My sister and I are two lucky ladies. We were raised by wonderful parents that have been together for 42 years and are still going strong. The icing on an already fabulous cake is that our mom started quilting a little over a year ago, and she just made each of us a quilt!

Needless to say, we are both thrilled. Mom originally planned on giving them to us together, but decided she couldn't wait. That meant that I got mine a couple of weeks before Autumn came out to visit and I had to keep it a secret. She gave it to me right before dinner, and I spent the rest of the night wrapped up in it.

When Autumn came out for her birthday, she found her quilt on the guest bed at our parents' house. That night, she took a very happy picture of herself lying on the quilt. The only surviving copy of that picture is tiny, so she gamely agreed to recreate it yesterday. If you know my sister, you're not at all surprised that she tossed in a fish face to make me smile.

I had the privilege of quilting Autumn's quilt. I quilted it in June and she didn't get it until September. It's a good thing I'm good at keeping secrets! The quilting design is Harvest Winds by Patricia Ritter.

The quilt mom gave me was quilted by Linda James. Linda is a friend of ours from guild that does beautiful work. She quilted it with Snow Crystals by Anne Bright. Since I didn't quilt this one, I was completely surprised when I received it.

Since we received them, our quilts have been well-loved by both ourselves and our furry friends.  Nothing makes Ruth happier than a brand new quilt to pass out on. She's convinced that the newest quilt is the best quilt.

Autumn's puppy, Sherlock, has also spent his fair share of time snuggled on her quilt, mostly when she's underneath it. I haven't gotten to meet him yet, but the pictures seem to indicate that he loves to cuddle.

We really are lucky ladies to have such a wonderful mom. Not only did she love us enough to put up with the toddler and teenage years, but now that we're adults, she made us quilts! These are gifts we will treasure forever.